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    Alex Omen

    Born on a planet that had slowly started to die, not in a bang but in a whimper. He’s short and lean muscled, but not very strong. He doesn’t have a true last name because his mother didn’t give him one out of spite- not believing any of them would live long enough to get off of the planet but it turns out he survived thanks to adaptability and an off-world probe that he snagged and a crew had to come retrieve it and found him.

    Has the Tick Implant 


    + Loyal
    + Considerate

    - Boastful
    - Impulsive

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bungirl wip

Gwen (mine) and Mori!!! aHHHHHHHHHHHHH


    bungirl wip

    Gwen (mine) and Mori!!! aHHHHHHHHHHHHH


    Richard was the opposite of sure about telling Noah who his rather well-known pseudo-name was. He went through great lengths to cut the ties that the name held, the fame, admiration, crazy fangirls… He never really understood the last one, but he knew they existed and that was the reason for his name. But something about Noah gave him a slight sense of trust, and in favour of following his therapist’s instructions to get more out there- he took a deep breath and looked back up with a nervous smile. “It’s… okay. I’m bad with jokes sometimes anyway it’s… stupid. But- have you ever heard of anything by… Er. R. U. Skahrd? Only- scared is spelled funny.”

    He held a finger up to wave at the comment of the last name, feeling almost sheepish about the cheesiness of it. “You’re very nice though, honestly. I’m just trash with these kind of things but you’re warm, I guess it fits a tea shop owner, huh?”

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  • Noah perked up as the man slid into the seat across from him and grinned. He took his hand and touched his lips to his knuckles. "It's a pleasure to meet you Richard. And yes, I would indeed be Noah." He tried to sound a bit more sophisticated than he was. Richard was dressed so formally while he was wearing a checkered scarf and a fur-trimmed black jacket. His pants were black jeans and shoes a simple pair of canvas sneakers. "I didn't know what to order, so I just asked for two coffees."



    "Oh coffee- coffee’s fine," Richard was caught off guard by the fact Noah had already gotten them both drinks, both flattered and red-faced. He stared across at their hands and felt the redness go straight up to his ears. "N-Nice to- meet you too! Ah. Um. Wow sorry I don’t do this a whole lot I don’t really get out much. It’s nice to- Christ I said that already didn’t I? Er."

    He avoided looking directly at the other man, and he was painfully aware of his own dull brown brown eyes and messy dark hair. The crystal blue and stunning pastel of Noah’s hair made him feel more dull than he did normally- now he just felt stuffy.

    "We should… get to know each other. What do you do?"

    As he let go of his hand, Richard’s reaction amused him slightly. He’d caused such from women before, but never men. “Nervous? It’s okay to be. After all as children we are taught not to trust strangers. But I can at least promise you I’m not a serial killer. And I asked them to bring cream and sugar, in case you weren’t a black coffee person.” Noah was thoroughly pleased that this was going so well. Usually on first dates, he and his partner would sit there in painful silence. 

    "What do I do? Well… I run a tea house. It wasn’t very busy over the summer, but now that fall has hit, I’ve had a turn around." His shop wasn’t very well known and was set in a less popular district of the town. There wasn’t much to say about it. His curiosity got to his mouth before his brain however. And without missing a beat turned the question to the other male.

    "And what about you, Richard? What is it that you do?" 

    "Write," Richard said quietly, returning his hands to the table just in front of him. He cleared his throat again and pulled at the collar of his shirt, thankful for the coffee as two cups and cream and sugar was set down in front of them. Before he continued he reached for the coffee and took a small sip, sighing. "And I actually take it black, thank you though. A tea house sounds… very interesting though, very- classical."

    He groped for words to say to elaborate on his writing, but the comment Noah had made about being a serial killer had jarred him for just a moment. Instead of looking back up, he looked down at his cup and kept his hands around the warm drink. “I… Write under a psuedoname, horror, actually. It’s a living. I’m actually just in the city because my publishers insist I get some inspiration for a new book. So I thought I could- make it a positive experience.”

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    Richard Ulysses Feral

    R.U. Skahrd

    Occupation: Horror Novelist 

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    You enter what appears to be a normal, quite diner. It’s decor consists of mainly black and red and white. A Generic Man is working behind the counter, serving coffee and breakfast items. However the seating area is full of people of all creeds. What will you do?

    ==> Approach Richard Feral
    ==> Approach Brooklyn Shane
    ==> Approach Gwen Wrenne
    ==> Approach Serge Brousse
    ==> Approach Derrek Reinhardt
    ==> Approach Jakys
    ==> Approach Tanner
    ==> Approach Rin
    ==> Approach Jayne Paige
    ==> Approach Gwen Fluffbutt
    ==> Approach Leaf Prince